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Our Story

The School of Classical Russian Ballet offers many adult classes which are all very different and we have something for every adult student. There are extraordinary teachers who were all ballet dancers from Russia, the Mariinsky and Bolshoi Ballets, who offer an incredible level of expertise and dedication. Our adult ballet classes have the traditions of Russian ballet at their heart with all its grace and artistry which is combined with the tough athleticism and discipline of the Russian approach. Our students love to work in the warm and happy environment which is our school. Adult ballet, pilates, core and barre classes are not just ordinary lessons. In these tough targeted workouts students can gain all the amazing benefits of ballet without the grind of daily class. See your body change with longer, leaner muscles and pull up parts of your body you never thought you would reach.

We have adult ballet at every level in the morning and the evening at every level. Whether you have always wanted to take a ballet class but never dared or want to keep going with ballet or come back to ballet we have a unique approach. Our teachers love their students and want them to stay loving and learning ballet and they have a huge amount to give their adult students. It is never too late to learn and have fun.

Our classes for adults are truly for everyone seeking the harmony and physical rewards of ballet and ballet based exercise in a beautiful building with very attentive teaching. Here, you will find classes that will sculpt and tone your body and improve your core strength with athleticism and grace and all with our amazing and highly trained teachers. In every class, either adult ballet, barre, pilates or core the teachers use their extensive knowledge to focus your mind to control your body in an incredible way. So you too will find total relaxation as you use all your body working together with your mind. At the School of Classical Russian Ballet we work together in a positive, friendly environment to give you confidence and make you feel beautiful.

We believe our school is the best kept secret in London.

Your wellbeing is our passion made possible through the unique range of adult classes we offer at the School of Classical Russian Ballet in London.

Change the way you look and feel about yourself. It is often said that everyone notices a lasting difference in their bodies and after only a few lessons whatever class they come to take.

Check out the timetable and see what is right for you, whether you want to start the morning with a fresh mind and body at the office, need a life-saving workout at lunch time or want to relax and wind down at the end of the day we have something for you.

Why The School of Classical Russian Ballet?

We are proud to be a Russian school and the Russians have a great approach to dance and exercise. If you want a tough, disciplined pilates, core or barre class we are the right place for you. The expertise the school offers is exceptional and you will find all our teachers are former Russian professional ballet dancers who love to dedicate their time to their adult students. They truly want to share their love of the traditions and methodology of Russian ballet in an adult ballet lesson or pilates or core or barre class. It is often said that Ballet artists are athletes who understand anatomy, muscle mobility and body mechanics in a way few others do. So with us, you will have the opportunity to be taught by not just theatre professionals but a former soloist at the Mariinsky Ballet, Ekaterina Krasiuk who was also a graduate of the Vaganova Academy, the greatest ballet school in the world. Why not also take a class in any discipline with Grisha Ivanov of the Bolshoi with his friendly and enthusiastic approach which will make you happy to learn and reach your goals. For pure happiness take a special ballet lesson with Galina Kozlova, Honoured Artist of Russia and former ballerina at the Bolshoi Ballet. Or work with Inga George, prima ballerina from Georgia who is much loved by her devoted students. You too will be able to share some of the great Russian training so that you are able to grow yourself and change your body and improve your spirit for the long term. Whichever lesson or workout you want we want to make it the right one for you.

Check out the promotions we have on offer to get started with a new way of working. We are happy to talk about any of the classes if you need advice. Just give us a call.

We are a charity, and we need your help.

A key component of the Russian Method is its focus on individual development and equality of opportunity. The London School of Classical Russian Ballet embodies this through our Opening Doors and Outreach programmes which support ballet and academic education for those who would not otherwise have access to it. As little as £12 a month (inc VAT) can make a huge difference.

Winter Offer
DISCOVER LRBS Our workshops are perfect for sculpting your body, improving core strength and flexibility.
They will challenge you physically and mentally, which is a great way to stay motivated and
focused as the nights draw in! Take a pack of any four classes for £54. Valid for three weeks.
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Taster classes available £15.00