Adult ballet classes at the School of Classical Russian Ballet in London are different. We have exceptional teachers who were all dancers in Russia, including from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballets, and they bring a passion and expertise which is not available anywhere else in London.

We love our adult students and we aim to help them learn and develop in adult ballet classes with our highly dedicated and motivated teachers. At the School of Classical Russian Ballet we have different classes which offer different levels and styles of adult ballet so that there truly is something for everyone.

It is never too late to take up ballet and discover the rewards it brings to your mind and body. We all need not only just to workout but also to escape the stress of working life and to feel free, active and expressive especially after sitting in an office all day. We believe ballet is for everyone and no one should be nervous about take an adult ballet class. After many years of working with adult students we know our students as individuals who are eager to learn and develop whatever their level of knowledge and skill. Our wonderful teachers work to build confidence, technical skill and artistry whatever the level and experience of the student.

The training methods for adult ballet at the School of Classical Russian Ballet are highly specialised and methodical, and are based on the Russian school, which is demanding and very expressive. The teachers understand how to teach the different levels of adult ballet classes from their own extensive knowledge so they are able to work with both the highly experienced adult ballet student as well as someone new to ballet who would like to learn as much as possible and we treat all adult ballet students with the same dedication and love. Our dedicated teachers offer support, they always give corrections, and most importantly, they concentrate on the creative and technical skills which every adult ballet student would like to develop.

Once you have joined our adult ballet class it is hard to stop. Whether you have time in the day or only the evening it is the ultimate relaxation and completely fulfilling for your mind as well as your body. You will feel and see changes in yourself after only a few lessons.

We have trial classes available at £15.00 per class.

All Ballet classes are for a duration of 1.5 hours

Please let us know, if you have any queries about which is the best class for your requirements, just call the school where someone is always happy to advise you (0207 498 0498).


No previous ballet experience is required to train with the best. Guided by our exceptional teachers, we will help you build a solid foundation and give you the confidence to move forward. Our teachers will infect you with their passion for ballet and understand your enthusiasm. They aim to give you constructive and helpful feedback, meaning that the classes are fun with plenty of hard work. These classes are the ideal introduction to Beginners Ballet with an emphasis on posture, muscles and strength and conditioning, and most importantly, the atmosphere is one of passion and care. Spend one and a half hours together to learn and love ballet technique.


If you have done some ballet before or are coming back after a break, these classes will help you to build stamina and increase flexibility. They go slowly enough not to overwhelm you but will push you to develop and learn. Our Beginners Ballet classes have been specially tailored to help you to stay in shape but not to be afraid to develop poise, athleticism and literally to stretch your body in ways you did not think you could. At the same time, we aim for you to master the fundamentals of classical ballet. As a result, our teachers focus on co-ordination and expressive movement, allowing you to reach your potential and enjoy the shared love of ballet. All lessons are given with gorgeous music in order to give you motivation and to let you breathe.


These adult ballet classes are open to beginners and intermediate alike. They offer the same opportunity to work on the fundamentals of ballet but will take you one step further to evolve your skills and love of ballet with passion. As such, these weekly classes concentrate on a dance from the classics, specifically tailored to each of student. For this reason, these classes are known as hugely rewarding, demanding and allow each student to find their own expressive potential. Most importantly, our Repertoire Classes offer you an incredible way to relax and unwind after work using your own motivation under the guidance of your teacher, a former principal ballet dancer. Feel yourself moving, happy and full of joy.


This is advanced/intermediate ballet with great combinations and enchainements which help you focus on footwork, centre work and allegro. In our intermediate ballet classes you stay in shape with grace and stamina but also you will increase your technical skills and develop greater artistry. In adult ballet, like professional ballet, no one ever stops learning and by working with our teachers we know you will learn a lot as you take class with former soloists from the Mariinsky or Bolshoi Ballets. These wonderful teachers provide amazing motivation using an expressive ballet vocabulary that is never ending to stretch you both at the barre and the centre. Embrace your passion for ballet and keep developing your potential in a dedicated and caring school which believes no lesson should be wasted. Any student who makes time for adult ballet wants the best from their class and our teachers aim to give this.


Pointe classes for Beginners or intermediate are available either to refresh your skills or to begin from scratch. We encourage anyone who has dreamt of taking Pointe lessons to try these classes. For the more experienced student you can learn a variation from repertoire and focus hard during these classes in order to develop ballet technique in this tough but rewarding discipline.

Pointe classes are given by Inga George. She is happy to advise on which shoes to buy and Russian shoes may also be available to purchase at the school depending on size.