At the School of Classical Russian Ballet Pilates classes are different. The famous signature workout of the school has all the benefits of the mind and body control of ballet, combined with the strength and conditioning of Pilates which centres on the core muscles, suppleness of the spine and joint mobility and stability. This Pilates is an athletic floor based programme, which works the core, while simultaneously creating the long lean muscles of ballet. If you have always wanted to look like a ballet dancer and want to work with the precise methodology of Pilates this is the training programme for you.

The dynamic education of the muscles has cardio elements but still ensures change in posture, strength and alignment while improving mobility and building muscles along the spine. This is a non-load-bearing exercise ideally suited to increasing length, strength and flexibility. This Pilates is also a perfect form of rehabilitation after injury or a great way to return to shape after pregnancy.

Above all, there is no impact in these classes. Get into the best condition with flexible, toned and strong muscles, but with a relaxed mind from a worked and healthy body that you will see and feel change while developing body awareness and control. Walk better and feel better, our Pilates is powerful, fun and challenging but detailed and precise. Our expert teachers will see and understand your movement patterns and help you to train to improve your daily physical routine and know yourself better. Focus on yourself with our Pilates classes through hard work to feel stretched and transformed but utterly relaxed after the challenges of this original Pilates programme.

Our Pilates classes were developed by Evgeny Goremykin a former principal of the Bolshoi Ballet. It is based on the traditional gymnastics techniques of the Russian Ballet schools and the principles of Pilates. Classes take place in the day and evening and are open to all. The Pilates teachers are all specialists from the world of Russian Ballet with an unique insight into the world of exercise.