Want a programme which is non load bearing and focuses on the most important muscles for improving posture and creating a sense of well-being then think of our core class. This is a tough and challenging workout which has all the precision of ballet and many of the results. If you are fed up with sitting down all day and need to focus on posture and strength but in a completely dynamic way this core class is the right one for you.

This unique upbeat approach to core work comes from the mixture of ballet and the original ballet floor barre. Mind and body are connected to lift, lengthen and tone in our powerful and challenging core classes. Movements are kept small but are highly targeted requiring concentration and team work with you teacher. Working on the floor and using bands, you will stretch and sculpt your body increasing your own flexibility, muscle strength and alignment of the spine, while challenging your own endurance and enhancing your fitness level. No core class is the same and our highly trained teachers want to get to know you and your body to work together so that your movement and posture are changed for the better. The energy of the class is grown dynamically to target all muscles proportionally as in ballet but working from the core with a continuous chain of movements. Change your posture, add poise and balance your body with strength, while all the time feeling energized and confident with our core classes.

These are the perfect classes for day or night to grow your stamina and wellbeing with the care of the core teachers who are all former professional artists from Russia. They offer a unique insight in to the body and its mechanics.

Check out the promotions we have for Core classes and get started with feeling as great at work as you do in the class.