The Bodycode Masterstretch System is a method for evaluating and correcting individual motor patterns.

Maestro Pino Carbone designed the system in the 90s for professional athletes and dancers and for re-habilitation.

The principles of the method are founded on knowledge of the osteo-articular system, biomechanical laws, and the creation of a new idea about movement and the use of the equipment, MasterStretch.

MasterStretch is a device that, applied to sports shoes allows you to perform exercises based on a tilting movement of the ankle. The function of MasterStretch is to stretch and strengthen muscles and tendons of the back and the legs in a unique way.

Using MasterStretch improves coordination and leads to greater postural stabilization and balance. It is a very powerful and effective system to correct and align while completely changing the shape and tone of your muscles.

Designed for all ages and abilities, dancers, athletes, sports trainers and clients of physical therapists have all benefited from training with MasterStretch.

This class is limited to two people only with Ekaterina. These sessions are intensive and very precise, allowing for greater progression and development. They are a must for anyone requiring such individual attention. Ekaterina Krasiuk was invited to train professionally for this programme in Seoul, Korea. A former soloist of the Mariinsky Ballet and a graduate of the Vaganova Academy, Ekaterina is the only teacher of this extraordinary specialised system in the UK.

Classes are held by appointment or according to the timetable. The classes cost £50 per person for one hour.

Please contact 020 7498 0498 to book an appointment or view the class timetable and book online.